How to Fix When Gmail not Receiving Emails?

Google mail or Gmail  is the most commonly used email domain, something we’re all familiar with and use  on a day to day basis. Although sometimes there are issues like why isn’t my Gmail working or not receiving emails and you are unable to send the emails too, which can interrupt your online life. This problem can occur in any of your internet devices.

Without a doubt Gmail has the most number of users and with large number of people using the same application. It has its drawbacks too, because of the internet traffic you can face many number of issues. If you are wondering, why my Gmail isn’t working. Here are some of the reasons as to why you are facing the trouble. Sometimes the browser in which you are using the Gmail might not be compatible, make sure that the browser supports Gmail. Clean out the browser cache and cookies to ensure smooth working. It can simply be the issue of internet connectivity, so check if your internet is working properly and if not it can be resolved through some simple troubleshooting methods. Now, let us go through some steps to ensure proper working of Gmail.

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Steps to resolve Gmail not receiving emails:

 You can easily target and remove the problem by going through the following procedure.

  • Although its rare but sometimes Google servers are down and that may be the cause of Gmail not receiving emails.
  • Antiviruses have email filtering due to which your emails are received in spam folder therefore do not forget to check your spam.
  • Another one of the same issue occurs when your emails are sent to trash or mistakenly gets deleted there it’s important to check all the folders.
  • Using the outdated Google application can be one of the issues therefore make sure your Google app is updated.
  • Use one of the following browsers to ensure its proper working, Google chrome, safari, Firefox.
  • Try logging out and then login to your account.
  • There’s only a maximum limited free storage and once you hit it, you stop receiving emails. Therefore, check your storage.

The above mentioned steps should help you resolve the problem. You can check for these methods in your Android or IOS phone or windows computer. Until and unless there is some major software issue, in which case you must contact a technician. The other malfunction can be resolved with out a tech savvy and going through these steps.

How to resolve Gmail not working on iPhone?

As we know the working of an iPhone is a little different from android and windows application and therefore the iPhone users might still face  the issue of Gmail not working on iPhone and have to further rectify the problem by enabling the IMAP on their phone. Security of data is one of the major concerns and therefore you need to enable access to receive emails.

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